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The Rebrand: Auve Gava

We have now rebranded ourselves to Auve Gava.

Auve Gava translates to 'Mother Love' in the native Badaga language of the pristine Nilgiris of Tamil Nadu.

This is a story, a dream, a purpose and an untold love of a mother, together with many mothers who knit devotedly to earn an honest living.

The earlier brand name Yarnkind resonated and focused on the products but shadowed the true beauty of who we actually are. As much as we are knitters, we are team of many mothers wanting to share the craft for all in your family, just as we knit for our children. What you wear, is what we mothers knit.

We have also updated our policies and added a custom order policy for those who would like us to custom knit any product. Please read through the details.

Our contact email has changed. Please check our contact page for details.

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