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The Man has arrived.

Men's Collection Featuring K.K.Menon.

An actor of myriad roles and mighty characters, carries a heart ever-giving with a style everlasting. A true believer of workmanship, he styled Auve Gava's hand knitwear with great panache envious to every man. 

We had a wonderful time capturing memories with K.K.Menon. A kind hearted gentleman whose smile swept a long day with ease. A twelve hour shoot seemed like an hour of laughter. His demeanour was calm and poised throughout the shoot. As we are from Ooty, we started the day slipping downhill on the early morning frost with a hot cup of tea. With red noses, shivering necks and frozen fingers we captured moments from mountain tops, to warm cafes and green bungalows.

K.K.Menon's quiet sense of mature style and elegance was evident from the way he wore every pullover, cardigan, scarf or beanie. The hand knits snugged like they belonged to him. His profession as an actor was radiant in his comfortable attitude having a camera follow him around. His expressions and stature effortlessly changed with every click and every attire. And well, his beard has a story of its own :)

We are very glad and excited to associate with K.K.Menon and have him style our men's hand knit collection.

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