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Custom Order Policy




Knitting is a work of art. Respect its value of time and craft of beautiful hands.



We are pleased to offer custom hand knit products as per the customer choice of colour and pattern within the following conditions.


Mode of communication:

We will take orders over the telephone and online over Email or WhatsApp. In person orders and measurements are available only within the Nilgiris district and townships of Tamil Nadu. Please use the contact page to write to us. We are available between 10 AM to 7 PM (IST) during weekdays only. We will write back to you within 24 hours. Kindly excuse any delays during holidays and weekends.


Communication etiquette and standards:

We prefer a respectful and friendly means of communication. We believe that knitting a product is a personal experience that we share with our customers. We would love to make it a part of your everyday life just as it is a part of our everyday life to knit with endless love. We request and hope customers to be respectful and patient while we try to do our best to meet your requirements. 

With language limitations we communicate in English and popular Indian languages fluently. We will however make necessary arrangements for translating any other language of your choice. 

Any use of abusive language, disrespect or impatient behaviour, will terminate all engagements.  


Availability of yarn colour:

Please note the yarn used for all products displayed on the website may not be available for taking a custom order. Kindly enquire about the colours available while you the place the order. We will only show you what is available in stock at the time of taking your order. Certain yarns might have to be ordered specially which will take an addition three to six months or longer depending on the yarn suppliers availability. 


Pattern and design of knitting:

If you have a pattern, design or style of knitting please share references. We will advice on what is best depending on size, colour and the duration for knitting the product. We have a choice of custom patterns and designs which will be shown to you at the time of placing your order. You can make modifications within achievable standards. 


Size and measurement of product:

Generally any standard size is definitely achievable for knitting a regular product. Please note, sizes vary drastically depending on the yarn elasticity and design of the product. We will advice you on the what size will be appropriate based on your body size, measurements and fit requirements. 

We take your take measurements with our standards and process of knitting. However, if you are specific on your measurements, we will oblige. Note, in many cases we have noticed the difference in fit when customers are very specific of their measurements and the final product does not fit them well. Such differences are common when the customer is not aware of the tension of the yarn and the patterns which alter the measurements which affects the final fit. Therefore, we make necessary adjustments and request you to accept and trust our expertise to bring out the best. If you still insist on specific measurements, we do not take responsibility of the fit and the final product. 


Time and delivery method:

In general, please keep at least three to four weeks time duration for knitting and an additional three to five days for delivery of the product. International deliveries will take more time based on location of delivery.

All deliveries will be shipped using courier services based on customer's location. The courier service provider details and tracking number if available will be provided at the time of dispatch of product. Additional chargers for delivery will apply and will not be free of cost unless discussed and agreed upon during the time of order. 

Any delays will be promptly communicated. Please note we do not use any machinery for knitting and we only hand knit. Availability of knitters during certain periods may be difficult to fulfil orders. While it is a good practice to specify dates, we do however take into consideration a margin of additional time based on local calendars, festivals, holidays and unforeseen personal, professional, social, economic or forces of nature's conditions and reasons of delay. We will do our best to deliver within our time duration. 

If you have any requirements of meeting certain timelines, for eg. a wedding gift, a birthday gift or to wear for a specific occasion etc., kindly discuss with us at the time of placing order or making an enquiry. We will let you know how best we can delivery your product within such a time period. We may suggest alternate products to suit your specific needs. It will not be our responsibility for any delays caused for other reasons if your timelines or reasons for dates are not mentioned at anytime. We request this as we have multiple orders and would love to make sure everyone gets the best for the moment to be cherished and your cooperation will go a long way. 

Any changes to address of delivery or destination is the customers responsibility to inform. Auve Gava will not be responsible for any delays due to availability of customer at the time of pick up and changes to address locations. Any additional costs for delivery will be at the cost to customer. 


Mode and time of payments :

Mode of payment is online through the website or to our bank account which we will share at the time of confirming your order. We accept PayPal, debit and credit cards and cash payments if you visit us in person. 

For any custom order we charge 80% of the total price as an advance payment. Only after the advance payment we will begin knitting your product. The remaining will be charged after completion of the order and before shipment. The product will be dispatched only after the total payment is settled. We do not encourage any carry forwards or credits.  If you have not made any payment, your order is not considered.

Under any circumstance the customer refuses to purchase or complete the payment of the product, Auve Gava has the right to charge additional costs for loss of time and value of work. Any legal action will be at the cost of the customer.


Cancellation and refund:

Any order can be cancelled within 24 hours of placing the order. The 24 hours time period would begin at the time of payment confirmation. After this time frame we will not encourage any cancellations. If you have made the payment and choose to cancel within 24 hours of the payment confirmation, we will refund you the entire amount of the order. There will not be any refunds for cancellation after the 24 hours time period. If you have not made any payment, your order is not considered. Please refer to refund policy for bank transfers or refund time.



In case of gifts, please let us know the name and address details of the recipient. We will let you know how best we can deliver as a gift to the desired address. 


Order transfers:

We do not encourage any order transfers from one customer to another under any circumstance. We will deliver to the address of the customer who has placed the order. 


Important note:

Auve Gava has the right at any given time to cancel any order for any reasons which may or may not be communicated as the case may be. As much as we love to fulfil every order there may be circumstances which makes it unavoidable for us to cancel the order. Such reasons could be customer's disrespectful communication and impatient behaviour, a sudden dismiss of a knitter working with us or if our yarn suppliers close down their units or stop supplying etc. which makes it difficult to fulfil orders.

We are very particular of mutual respect and we expect the same from our customers.


Complaints and legal procedure:

For all legal procedures please refer to Terms & Conditions.

For any complaints please write to us and we will do our best to address the situation. Kindly be respectful in your communication. Using any abusive language, impatient behaviour or threatening Auve Gava for any reason will follow legal suit against such persons.

Under any circumstance, the customer or anyone making a legal complaint will bear all costs of every legal procedure. Auve Gava will not take responsibility for outcome of such action or any costs and penalties incurred. 

Anyone or a customer trying to defame Auve Gava at any given time, situation or place will be legally addressed. All costs and losses of Auve Gava will be settled by the customer.


Auve Gava maintains all the rights to make any amends to this policy and at any given time without any notice.