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Tender Loving Care

for your knitwear

We carefully wrap your product with a pure cotton cloth when shipped to you, as seen in the image. This is meant to be reused during your washing process to dry, block or to iron any knitwear as in the instructions below.


Auve Gava Hand Knit Wash & Care


Begin with a machine wash on delicate cycle with cold water.
Use a gentle detergent. Do not tumble dry.
Hand wash with cold water. Add a gentle detergent. 
Soak for fifteen mins. Do not wring or scrub.



To dry or block, lay your knitwear flat in position over the cloth. Roll the item and squeeze out the water gently. Unroll and lay flat to dry. Do not hang. This helps to keep your knitwear in shape.


We do not recommend ironing your hand knit. However, to remove any folds or crease, lay your knitwear flat on the table. Place the cloth over your knitwear. Steam mildly and iron with moderate heat. Do not stretch or overheat. Do not use the iron directly over the knitwear.


 After wash and dry, wrap it back like you would roll your blanket gently inside the cloth and keep it in your cupboard or drawer when not in use. There is no need to over fold it. Do not leave it hanging for long duration on cloth stands, hangers or hooks as this will definitely cause damage to your hand knits. This damage cannot be mended or knit back to the original.


Any questions write to us here.